Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Breaking news: Pagerank revealed

So, many webmasters are moaning about pixels ads. The general surfing public love them, the click thru rate is unparalleled. Even the Wall Street Journal featured an article from satisfied buyers, which is unprecedented.
It appears there is an unnecessary bad feeling. What's it all about?

Well webmasters generally build sites for making money not for fun. In order to make money you need pagerank...

er.. no.. actually you need VISITORS!

Like any top restaurant, bums on seats pay the bills. You can take cordon bleu cookery courses for years, and still have a restaurant that fails OR you could simply go franchise a McDonalds and make a fortune.
Pixel ads are the McDonalds of advertising. Pagerank is irrelevant and surprisingly the majority of webmasters never make it past PR4 anyway.

If you open a website you need to build links to it in order for it to attain a respectable position in the search engines, so that people can actually find you. If you were one of the first advertisers on the Million Dollar Homepage you would have probably secured tens of thousands of VISITORS already, potentially creating you a huge customer base or small fortune (which ever you prefer).
Your website would have been PR ZERO, it would probably be in the infamous 'sandbox' and yet you could have been raking it in all this time.

Where page rank fits into this.. who cares? You missed out! that's why your so damn bitter, that's why we see "groan, not another pixel site". Yes of course working on improving your pagerank can only assist your website in the long term, and with some good judgment possibly even bring you some paying customers, but why not make some money right now?

It's not too late, there are hundreds of these sites now and it's getting hard to choose where to advertise. They are still getting lots of visitors between them that could potentially be coming to your site. True you might not get much (if any) PR from a page with thousands of links, but you don't really get any money making traffic from all those hundreds of directories you have been submitting to, do you?

Of course you could submit your website to a place that gives you Pixels, Pagerank and Anchor text (as well as a full directory listing and most importantly... a link from this blog)

...wherever THAT may be ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pagerank is right. Million Dollar Homepage already has a pagerank of 7 and over 2100 incoming blog links. We just had to grab a couple blocks on it for that alone.

You aren't doing so bad yourself with a PR5 though. I actually like your directory idea with only X number of pixels per directory.

Our site, MP3Board.com, which we've recently relaunched as a pixel site uses a similar idea in that we are only accepting advertisers for online music related products/services/websites. We think this will ensure the long term viability ads on our site by creating a useful music related directory for users to visit again and again.

12:32 AM  
Blogger Colleen said...

Great blog, I've been enlightened.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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