Thursday, November 03, 2005

Don't lose your pixel stickiness

Well I am sure there are many opinions on this, what with the amount of techno "gimme everything on that" highly capable programmer types that are out there.
Some websites/blogs/pixelsites are so full of a bit of everything that they actually lose their "stickiness". Yes gimmicks can be catchy, sometimes even necessary, but hold on...

In terms of pixelsites you can pick your pixels, merge them, they grow, they have pictures that pop-up, ads that pop-up, text that pops-up, grid references, split areas, different levels, buy a car, cover the lady, un-cover the lady !! Whew.. and the combinations on each site are mind boggling.

Perhaps the worst offender, and this is only my personal opinion because it is worth so much, is the original by Alex Tew. I took a look and honestly felt a headache coming on after about 30 seconds. Now that's a new type of marketing strategy that goes way over my head. Why oh why would you want to make a site that generates half a million dollars in 2 months, and then CHANGE IT SO QUICKLY? Answers on a postcard please.

Talk about losing your sticky! That has got to be the worst mouseover I have ever seen. It covers so many other pixels, flicks distractingly in the corner of your eye and follows you around the page like a prowler, if I wanted something so annoying I would have downloaded one of those programs that turns your cursor into a trailing flame.
The only pixelad I recall seeing was one on the right for womenpixels? or something like that...and that was only because I moved the mouse over there to get rid of the annoying text.

Maybe I am wrong, perhaps everyone else thinks it’s great, it certainly WAS. I am sure it is still going to be full in a few more months and he will have achieved his goal, which is good news and a great achievement.

The second part of losing what could be sticky pixels, is size.
As mentioned in the previous post, size is everything. It's not pixels if they are the size of a banner advert.The reason it is so catchy is the teeny tiny little pictures that scream "What am I?". Making them huge kind of defeats the object. If you sold the entire page to a single advertiser for a cool million and it had one advert on it do you think it would remain sticky and make people come back?

So try and retain the stickiness of your site, the reason they work is they are small and interesting.

If you are thinking about buying a pixelad, by all means do, but decide carefully where.

That's enough about sticky for one night.



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