Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pixels - Simplicity by design.

One of the factors that makes pixel pages so great is they totally remove the need to navigate a website, it's all there on the homepage. This is fantastic!
Mr. Surfer comes along to see what your site has to offer, and there it is in all its naked beauty. No need to use any brain power, just start clicking the pretty pictures.

OK, that's a slightly derogatory view of the average surfer, but it does (for this marketing model) summarize in no uncertain terms how simple the concept is.
If you choose to pay for advertising on any standard website, you may well be 2, 3 or even 4 pages from the homepage. It’s not really guaranteed that their visitors will actually see your advert at all.
This way, ALL advertisers get seen by every single visitor, every time, how great is that?! Of course there is no guarantee that you will receive a visitor, but they will see your logo, or advert, and it stands an equal chance of being clicked proportional to the amount of ads on the page.

The actual design of the page has almost no importance, apart from being aesthetically pleasing enough to generate further sales. Generally they are just a big grid, showing possible places to place your advert. Some pages have incorporated a background picture which, in some instances, makes your advert quite hard to see, although the advert is probably still worth purchasing just for the value of having an extra backlink.

Of course, for the majority of surfers, having all these adverts jammed together on one page can be fun, but also frustrating. Should you actually be looking for something more specific, you probably don't want to click each and every advert.
Throwing together a completely random hash of advertisements has its benefits, however we can take this a step forward, by marrying the concept of a pixel page, with a categorized directory. So you get more targeted visitors to your website as well as visitors who just cannot resist clicking << (my favourite type).


Blogger Shari Thomas said...

Hello James,

Nice to see another serious advertiser here. I've been following your site for well over a month now, and it's good to see you have a blog.

My job is to get the word out on our own pixel ad page, but I also enjoy working with other folks who are here for the long haul.

When you get time, check out what JPE Advertising has been doing... you'll find us at PixelsAnyone.com.

Looking forward to reading more of your very intersting and educational posts.

Shari Thomas
Part of the Pixel Posse

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pixels on eBay?


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9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have recently started into the pixel advertising, only after reading about Alex Tew and the great success he had. While those are probably one in a million, I thought to myself why the heck not?

I have been in eBusiness for over 9 years now and have yet to have a success that I always thought was wildly successful.

To that end, I started http://www.ebizproject.com to really prove that online advertising does work, as well as secure a small piece of Internet history.

I will continue this blog because I think there are some great ideas! I thank all.

12:23 AM  

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