Sunday, January 08, 2006

Arrghhh!... I should've cheated!

I have just seen an editorial from the BBC regarding the Million Dollar Homepage and on it is listed the top ten "runners up", according to!
Man, I knew that I should have installed the spyware Alexa toolbar and clicked my own site several million times, or sneakily installed it on all my friends’ computers (or what would become former friends). Well there goes an opportunity sailing into the sunset. I could even have downloaded a script to do it for me, I am sure I have seen one somewhere....

Just kidding, all is well in the land of pixels.

As one site fills up, another 200 will open :-) It is surprising to see just how many there are, my latest list is over 900, and I think I will stop counting for now.
Things are going to get interesting as there are certainly a few places that are making some sales. Me? I am not interested in sales, only getting visitors to the sites that have already advertised on The first day of sales paid for the domain for the next 15 years, so I guess it was profitable from day one, although I am suicidal that I have not sold an advert yet in 2006, I guess people still don't recognise the value of a PR4 link in my directory. Funny that gives me an idea.....

Got to go work on my new idea, I had so much to write about, so I guess I will do that next week.

BTW: I hope you keep an eye on the pixel auction on eBay, it’s currently a shade over $160,000. I did put in a bid at $6200 which looks quite pathetic in comparison, so I won't mention it ;-)