Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm caught in the internet time machine.

WOW, when I used to have a proper job one day lasted forever, a week was hard work.
How can nearly 3 months slip by so quickly since my last post? There must be something wrong, I'm sure I only put my clock forward one hour?

Still selling spaces on, and it remains a solid PR5, Woohoo!

The whole pixel advertising explosion is still growing with ever more innovative ideas popping up all over the place. Some look great, yet it's strange to call back a couple of months later only to find they still haven't sold a single ad space.
Smash My Viper looked pretty good for a while and yet now I am thinking I would rather have the viper :-) That's a lot of car to waste for a few 1000 dollars.

Recently I have opened, I love it. If there was ever to be a set back opening a new website I think it pretty much has had it all. The last thing anyone can predict is the untimely death of your only advertiser ! It has made me appreciate what I have more than ever...I am so laid back right now I could almost limbo under my desk.

I would like to take a moment to thank the people who have so far advertised on, and if you get a moment go and take a look at their sites, after all that is why they are there.

OK, take it easy, try and relax...and keep those adverts coming.I'm off to look at the traffic stats for the past 3 months ;-)