Sunday, June 25, 2006

Permanent Links for just £10

That's basically what I am offering on I think it's quite hard to beat, and the anchor text on the category page makes it worth every penny.

It has been an interesting month with at least 5 or 6 new advertisers and it has now got at least 40. I am a dab hand at making little 10x10 pixel images now :-)
It's always a pleasure to sign into my paypal account and see that little "Payment Received" message.

Pixel sites are everywhere now and yet there aren't many who have followed my lead of making a standard directory (which webmasters like) and incorporating it into a pixel style homepage. There are a few who have copied, but I forget their names :-)

A search on Google for "pixel advertising" currently yeilds about 30 Million results, so I am glad that I stopped counting other pixel sites when I reached several hundred. No matter whether you like the concept of pixel advertising or not you should advertise your website in as many places as you can afford. It is the only way to increase traffic and also improve your search rankings on the search engines.

I have added a column of adsense to the left hand side of the homepage, this is so that I don't need to log into my hosting control panel to see how many visitors I have had, but can instead log into Google Adsense and check all my sites impressions at the same time (saving me at least 5 minutes/day)LOL!

I am working on several other projects at the moment (hence the lack of updates on this blog) but I do check this blog everyday for comments, so feel free to leave one.